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We love families achieving big goals together and want to be as inclusive as we can when it comes to getting younger people involved in our event. For that reason we have the following age limits set for the various distances (as at the 1st of June 2024).

  • 100km – 18 years

  • 75km – 18 years

  • 50km – 16 years with written parent or guardian consent

  • 25km – 12 years with written parent or guardian consent


It is important that the cut off times are taken into account when planning whether children or teenagers should enter the event. Please note that all participants across every distance will require a medical clearance from their GP prior to participating in SDU. We require this not only for the gruelling nature of our event, but also due to the distance that Birdsville is from comprehensive medical care which needs to be taken into account with respect to existing or potential health issues.

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