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  • 25km DUSK – $135pp

  • 25km DAWN -$135pp

  • 25km DUSK & DAWN - $270pp

  • 50km – $270pp

  • 75km – $470pp

  • 100km – $670pp


Please note that all participants across all distances will be required to get clearance from their doctor/GP to take part in the SDU event. While this is in part due to the nature of endurance events, it is also due to the remote nature of our event and distance to comprehensive medical care.


Please be aware that SDU does not offer payment plans and the full amount is payable upon registration.


Entry Fee Inclusions

  • A very unique experience in a very remote environment.

  • Lifelong friends

  • So much emotional support you will be begging us to stop it

  • Comprehensive medical support

  • Complimentary race photography

  • Transport to/from start/finish

  • Communication & safety equipment including a personal radio for each 50km, 75km & 100km participant

  • Amazing finisher prize (all distances)

  • Fully stocked aid stations


What’s with those fees you say?

While we recognise that a lot of people who have travelled to and participated in remote events before will understand our fees, we also know that some will go wide eyed at them and we wanted to explain a little further regarding not only what you’ll receive, but also why things are more expensive in the Outback.


We did a bit of digging and found that a majority of 100-160km single stage events around Australia are between $200-$500. Yes our event is single stage, but we’re doing our best to make it as inclusive as possible and that means it probably sits somewhere between a single stage and very short multi stage in terms of organising & experience.

And to be as transparent as we can, here’s a few reasons why SDU is more expensive than most events. Our nearest doctor is 700km away. We are 1600km west of Brisbane and 1200km north of Adelaide. The cheapest return flight to Brisbane is $700 and every road into town is dirt. We don’t have a resident electrician, plumber or builder, nor a pharmacy or large supermarket.

For every person that we bring out to help/work we look at around a minimum of $1000 per person just to get them here. So all the medical staff, communication experts, photographers & crew, many of whom are donating their time, still need to get here. Every bit of food that will be consumed needs to travel 1200km by road to get here. Keeping everyone safe in a remote environment is an expensive exercise when done effectively & we wouldn’t have it any other way. We want every single person, whether participant, supporter or volunteer, to walk away saying “WOW, now that was phenomenal!”.

We are beyond grateful to the many who have already put their hand up and said we’ll do whatever we can to help you. To our medical team who are volunteering their time to keep you safe, to the Big Red Run team who have thrown their support behind us to help with infrastructure, the local community who are not only going to be participating but who will also be helping, to our family & friends who have never once questioned our sanity but rather said “what can we do?”, and to our Indigenous and pastoral landowners who are welcoming us onto their land. This is a small locally run event and we trust that all of the beautiful souls who participate will be astounded by its big heart.

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