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Want to volunteer at SDU?

We have a special kind of love for volunteers at our event and look forward to welcoming you to SDU. 

There are 4 main areas that people will be able to get involved through at SDU. Whether you’re supporting a family member or friend, or just want to come out & get involved in this unique event, there is something for everyone.

Event Set Up & Pack Down

  • Set up marquees and infrastructure at the Event Hub site.

  • Pack down marquees and infrastructure at the Event Hub site. 

  • Set up checkpoint infrastructure.

  • Collect and deliver food and water to checkpoints and Event Hub.

  • Collect and deliver firewood to event sites.

  • Other tasks as requested by SDU crew. 

  • Days: Friday - Monday.


Event Hub Team

  • Ensure the smooth running of the Event Hub throughout the event duration.

  • Replenish food/water supplies.

  • Clean and maintain toilets.

  • Ensure fire is kept stoked.

  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the eating areas.

  • Keep accurate timing of participants.

  • Monitor event communications.

  • Shuttle bus/car driving.

  • Other tasks as requested by SDU crew.

  • Days: Saturday – Sunday.


Course Crew

  • Comfortably hike 5-10km carrying 10kg pack weight.

  • Fore run/walk the course prior to the first starters in the 100km event (Saturday morning only).

  • Sweep & collect course markers after the final participant (Sunday afternoon only).

  • Days: Wednesday - Monday.


Checkpoint Crew

  • Maintain food and hydration supplies.

  • Maintain a high level of hygiene.

  • Manage the checkpoint in accordance with SDU guidelines and briefing.

  • Ensure comprehensive communication with the Event Hub & medical team. 

  • Other tasks as requested by SDU crew. 

  • Days: Saturday – Sunday.

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