While June weather in the Simpson Desert is usually beautiful, it can be freezing cold (we’re talking ice cold), and as those who participated in the 2016 Big Red Run can attest to, it can also rain. In saying that you are much more likely to freeze than to get rained on, but we like to be prepared for all eventualities and will always put your safety ahead of convenience.


As such we have compiled a list of mandatory gear which must be carried by all participants for all or some of the event depending on the time of day and expected weather. There will most definitely be spot checks, firstly because the cold will shock you at night, and secondly because the Fun Creator doesn’t like it when people skimp on a 300g fleece to run faster. Just carry the fleece. 


The list below will continue to be updated with a final list provided 30 days prior the event start.



  • Minimum 1.5L water capacity container

  • 1 x hat

  • 1 x sunglasses

  • 1 x merino wool or polar fleece jumper/sweater (weather dependant)

  • 1 x beanie/buff (weather dependant)

  • 1 x waterproof jacket (weather dependant)



  • Minimum 1.5L water capacity

  • 1 x hat

  • 1 x sunglasses

  • 1 x seam sealed waterproof jacket

  • 1 x merino wool or polar fleece jumper/sweater

  • 1 x beanie/buff

  • 1 x buff or similar

  • 1 x emergency space blanket or bivouac

  • 1 x 8cm+ compression bandage 

  • Blister kit (suggested components to be advised)

  • 1 x merino wool or polypropylene long tights

  • 1 x merino wool or polypropylene long sleeve top

  • 1 x merino wool or polypropylene gloves

  • 1 x waterproof pants

  • 1 x headlamp (able to maintain 350 lumens for the duration of night)

  • 1 x backup torch (preferably not a phone for safety reasons)

  • 1 x red flashing light

  • 1 x course map (to be supplied)

  • 1 x radio (to be supplied)

  • 1 x hi-vis vest with reflective strips (to be supplied)