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SDU is not like the others.

We implement a rolling start to allow those who require more time to start earlier and place three parameters on participants when it comes to self seeding. Start waves will be every hour, on the hour, from 2pm Saturday to 7am Sunday. 

  1. You must start within the time window allocated to your distance.

  2. You cannot enter the final 25km loop until 7am on Sunday.

  3. You should aim for a finish between 10am and noon on Sunday, with final cut off at 2pm.


Additionally, for those in the 50k, 75k and 100k, automatic entry onto the final loop will remain open until 9:30am. A grace period of 15mins will be provided. Entry onto the final loop from 09:45-10:15am will be at the discretion of race organisers depending on the lap speed of the participant requesting entry.

Cut off at the final check point will be 11:00am. Any participant not through the final checkpoint by this time will be driven back to the Hub or dropped a couple of kilometres away and permitted to finish the event on foot if they wish. Please note that those who are driven part of the course will get a finisher prize but will have a DNF recorded against their name.

Here at SDU we are less about brute force when it comes to pushing through and more about careful planning from the outset. With a couple of editions under our belts we have gained a wealth of information about just how difficult our course can be, so once you’ve registered be sure to ask us lots of questions so we can help you achieve your goals!

Cut Off Times/Paces

100K – 24 hours (4.2k/h) 

75K – 20 hours (3.8k/h) 

50K – 16 hours (3.2k/h)

25K – 7 hours (3.6k/h)


100K Start time window is 2pm to 10pm Saturday

25K (DUSK) Start time is 5pm

75K Start time window is 6pm Saturday to 12:01am Sunday

50K Start time window is 10pm Saturday to 4am Sunday

25K (DAWN) Start time is 7am

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