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You can’t beat a good aid station at an ultra marathon and at SDU we plan to do it well; very well. There will be one central aid station known as the Event Hub. This is where all 4 loops start and finish from and will have everything you need including a fully stocked snack supply, barbecue, medical support, toilets, fire and a participant chill zone, although we recommend not utilising the fire until you are finished. It is here that you will leave your drop bags which you will be able to access every loop if need be. In addition to this there will be one manned aid station on every loop between 10-15km which will also have a fully stocked snack supply and drinks, as well as a toilet and access to medical support. There are also 2 additional unmanned “emergency” aid stations located halfway between the Hub & the manned aid station on every loop. These will have a small emergency supply of rations and an emergency radio (with directions on how to use it). 


You can expect to find the following scattered throughout aid stations at SDU;

  • Sweet snacks like lollies and anzac cookies

  • Savoury snacks like chips and crackers

  • Salty snacks like roast potatoes in butter and salt

  • Water/coke/ginger beer/cordial

  • Noodles & hot water

  • Hot soup

  • Fruit Cake

  • Milo & milk

  • Tea & coffee

  • Bananas/mandarins/carrots/apples

  • Bread/butter/vegemite/peanut butter

  • You might even find a tomato & cheese toastie, bacon & egg burger or steak sandwich


Please note that SDU will not be providing electrolytes/gels etc, so BYO if you use them. While we will be providing a wide variety of choices like those mentioned above in ample quantities, we will not necessarily be catering to specific dietary requirements, nor have every selection available at every aid station. SDU strongly recommends that if you have VERY specific dietary requirements, that you plan ahead with some of your own supplies in case your requirements are not available when you pass through the aid stations. You are permitted to have a drop bag at the Hub that you can access on every loop.

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